Barbie and her bag collection

Barbie collectiblesBarbie models her bag collection

A huge bag of Barbie bags and shoes recently came into my possession. I know nothing about Barbie [I was denied one as a child and have eschewed her ever since] BUT I am humble enough to acknowledge that MILLIONS of people love and respect her and probably like her shoes and bags.

So, here she is: the Barbie who came with lots of bags, lots of shoes and a whole lot of clothes. I only had room to catalogue the bags [the golf bag =complete with an iron, a putter and another golf club probably Barbie-branded are my favourite. In between modelling handbags, Barbie is a world-class golfer.]

Should you wish to see the shoes and clothes, drop me an email: – I’m sure Barbie will oblige and model the rest of the collection.