Bunnykins porridge bowl

Bunnykins porridge bowl, Mr Piggly's storeRoyal Doulton ‘Bunnykins’ porridge bowl
made in England, c.1940s

Bunnykins pottery is very collectible, and I have resisted collecting any to date- having grown up eating from these plates and drinking from Bunnykins mugs [and even, I confess allowing my own child to sup from Bunnykins pottery]- until I found a fantastic Santa Claus porridge bowl- and sort of got hooked.

This porridge bowl is from the 40s and shows Mr Piggly’s Store; Mr Piggly is serving Mrs Rabbit with her two children with a box of Piglett Carrots nearby. The scene has a little wear and tear [zoom in on image to see] but the running bunnies around the edge are in good order.

The bowl isn’t signed by Barbara Vernon- which adds to its value- but it is rare- and the Mr Piggly scene is wonderful.

The Bunnykins bowl is for sale: $AUD65

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