Retro Cocktail tray & swizzle sticks

retro cocktail tray & bar setBakelite cocktail tray,
made in Melbourne, Australia c.1950s

A superb bakelite tray made by British Plastics P/L featuring six of the best cocktails ever known- with recipes and the appropriate glass. Make mine a martini!

This set also comes with retro swizzle sticks – “Don’t say GIN, say GILBERTS” and “Vickers Gin – FAMOUS since 1750” [1750? who knew?] – there are 30 in all. If swizzle sticks are your thing, I also have 25 with a travel/hotel theme [‘Golden Gate Casino, Las Vegas’ anyone?]

Finally, an as-new teak and stainless steel bar set, still in its box, comprising corkscrew, bottle-opener, ice-tongs and cheese knife.

Perfect for the retro bar, this set is for sale: $AUD95

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