Monochrome pudding bowls [sold]

Monochrome Fowler pudding bowlsBakewells & Fowler Ware pudding bowls
made in Australia, c.1940s

This set is a monochrome collection of pudding bowls- in a creamy, off-white. Collecting in a single colour is quite dramatic, and these bowls look fantastic in a white or neutral toned kitchen. I was inspired by a friend who has about 15 off-white bowls sitting on the top of her kitchen cupboards- in that space below the ceiling.

The larger bowl is by Bakewells, which operated out of Bexley in Sydney. The three medium sized bowls are part of the Fowler Ware ‘Utility’ range – perhaps off-white wasn’t as glamorous as the coloured bowls [see post below] and could be used every day.

The beauty of the off-white bowl is that any fruit/food/kitchen implement stored in them looks fantastic. And as mentioned in the previous post- the bowls are still great for…cooking puddings!

For sale: $AUD80