80s badness

Fitz & Floyd 'Bad Guy' mugFitz & Floyd ‘Bad Guy’ mug
made in USA 1980

OK folks, we’re in the Eighties now. I know that’s an unusual period for this blog- but bear with me.

This is a ‘Bad Guy’ mug [the best kind, let’s be honest] – he’s a bad cowboy breaking into a safe – his hand is on the dial- : and in the middle of the mug there’s a bag of loot, which you discover once you’ve drunk the poison/liquor/substance held within.

Presumably there’s a Good Guy out there- but I haven’t come across one just yet. Fitz & Floyd are becoming very collectible, so if you have any interest in collecting, maybe now’s the time to start. I have featured Fitz & Floyd salt and pepper shakers before- and both sets were snapped up by collectors.

This Fitz and Floyd mug is for sale: $25

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