60s espresso set [sold]

Kelco demitasse/espresso set
made in Japan, c.1968

Further to the wonderful ‘Impact’ coffee set by British Anchor [see post, below] this fine porcelain espresso set comprises a coffee pot, creamer, 4 espresso cups & saucers, and 4 tea cups & saucers [not all photographed.] The olive green glaze has a fine brown line around the edge of the pieces; a classic late 60s colouring. This set can also be found in orange, and yellow, but for my money the olive green is the best.

I’m particularly fond of the creamer- it hasn’t a handle- just those funky little side dimples for holding.

You can use this set for a tea party – or – as an art piece, just don’t put it in the dishwasher. I have seen many lovely pieces ruined by people using pre-dishwasher pieces in a post-dishwasher world.

This set is for sale [18 pieces] : $AUD155

60s glassware

Anchor Hocking 'Pressed Bark' condiment setAnchor Hocking ‘Pressed Bark’ condiment set
made in USA, 1966

A retro condiment set comprising: lidded butter dish, creamer, lidded sugar bowl and salt & pepper shakers. All in the ‘Pressed Bark’ design – and avocado green – so 60s! – by Anchor Hocking.

The ’Pressed Bark’ pattern is a reference to the striations of the trunk of the Birch tree [speaking now as a botanist] – which is why it so appeals to me. As does the 60s abstraction of this pattern in the glass- and the tactile result. And the fabulous 60s avocado green colour.

This set has never been used- it’s in pristine condition- and ready for use in your dining situation. Or – if you’re a collector – to team with the graduated salad bowls that form part of the Pressed Bark collection.

The set is for sale: $AUD110

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60s pottery

Brixham PotteryBrixham Pottery
made in Devon, England 1960-1979

A pair of Brixham Pottery pieces- creamer and sugar bowl- in the ‘Interlocking Circles’ design. This design was produced in both mustard yellow and the ‘avocado green’ we see in this set.

This earthenware design was produced from the early sixties to the late 70s- a twenty year run due to its popularity. A teapot completed the set—but as to this date I have not come across one.

This set is for sale: $AUD45

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Impact! 60s style

'Impact' coffee set by British Anchor‘Impact’ coffee set
British Anchor, Staffordshire England, made 1960-1969

This beautiful set- in de rigueur ‘avocado green’ – a quintessential 60s colour- comprises coffee pot, sugar bowl and creamer, and five espresso cups and saucers. The sugar bowl was always as shown- it didn’t come with a lid- but I suspect there were once six cups and saucers in the set. My attitude is just to pretend it’s a Japanese espresso set- the Japanese favour 5 pieces over six in a set.

The British Anchor Pottery Company was established in 1884 and production continued until the 1970s, only stopping for a brief period during the Second World War. I have previously posted British Anchor ‘harlequin’ plates, called Trianon Ware, which were made around the same time as the coffee set, in 1961.

This set has stood the test of time- there is no coffee staining to the coffee pot, and only minor internal crazing to the interior of one of the cups. I love the form of the oversized, elongated coffee pot – such a funky 60s shape. Impact indeed!

For sale: $AUD155

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70s kitchenalia

70s Bessemer 'avocado' platter and cup& saucer, Owl trivetBessemer platter and cup & saucer, made in Australia 1970s
Wrought iron owl trivet, made in Taiwan 1970s

Bessemer ‘avocado’ ware is very collectible- here we have a platter and cup and saucer. Avocado refers to the particular shade of 70s green; this colour is rarely seen nowadays and is so heavily associated with the 70s.

Owls too- in all their forms- are highly collectible. This is a must-have for any owl collector; a wrought iron trivet for the kitchen. Highly stylised in that quintessential 70s way, the trivet has little rubber feet to lift it from the work surface, and it is simply marked ‘Taiwan’ with no other makers’ mark.

All pieces are in excellent [unused] condition, and are for sale: $65

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Funky 70s glassware

Luminarc wineglasses & Anchor Hocking cake standAnchor Hocking pedestal cake stand, made in U.S.A, 1972
Luminarc ‘Cavalier’ wine glasses, made in France, c.1970s

Here we have two lovely glass sets- made in different parts of the world, but hailing from the same vintage. And while the cake stand is quite ornately moulded and the glasses a plainer, funkier shape I think the colours and forms work well together.

The glasses are ‘Cavalier’ shaped, in Van Dkye brown ~while the cake stand is of the ‘Fairfield’ pattern – in Avocado green. It seems that pattern names and 70s colours were always ascribed to glass products of the 70s! And who doesn’t remember Van Dkye brown [it was everywhere in the 70s!]

I particularly like the way the ‘barrel’ shaped glass cup contrasts with the rounded clear glass stems on the glasses. So much of the glassware in the 60s had this form – but it took for the 70s to exaggerate it as far as it would/could go.

And just imagine a Pineapple Upside-down Cake on that pedestal stand! Retro heaven!

The set of six glasses are in excellent condition, and look fabulous- whether on displayed on open shelves, or on the dinner table.  For sale: $AUD75

The Avocado green pedestal cake stand is also in excellent condition; for sale : $AUD85

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