Lassie [sold]

Lassie ‘Authorised TV Adventure’ books,
Whitman Publishing Co, Wisconsin 1958 & 1959

Lassie and the Secret of Summer, by Dorothea J. Snow, was published in 1958; ‘Featuring LASSIE, the famous dog. Starred in MGM Pictures. See LASSIE now on television.’

[“All names, events, places and characters in this book are entirely fictitious.”]  LASSIE – nooooooooooo! Surely that’s the real Lassie, as seen [and authorised] on television?

Lassie: Forbidden Valley, meanwhile, is by Doris Schroeder, published in 1959 – and it is similarly endorsed as an authorised edition. This book however, has its original 59c sticker, still in place.

Well people, time has passed and the 59c original price has escalated to $35- for the two books. I would remind you that these are authorised versions, not fakes or knock-offs. Although…that might be the real Lassie on the cover….

For sale: $AUD35