Totally green 70s

Totally green 70s!Harrods glass plate, made in London c1970s
Anchor Hocking ‘Aztec’ design bowl, made in USA c1970s
Green ceramic cat figurine, made in Japan c1970s

All from the 70s and all a lovely green colour….yet all from different countries of origin. I have used the ‘Helvetica Medium’ reprographics board behind to provide a context for the pieces.

A few of my last posts have used this ‘reprographic’ device. I love graphics, and when I found a whole stack of old font boards from a reprographics place going out of business, I snapped them up. The font boards are various coloured perspex backgrounds with a variety of coloured fonts – here we have black and white, Helvetica Medium. Because they are perspex, the boards would make fantastic light boxes or light displays.

That is my intention, should I find the time/where-with-all to do so. My collection is bourgeoning with so many ideas, projects and could-possibilities. But the could-possibilities are what keep me working at the day job- their time will come [and by god what antiques will they be by then?]

In the meantime, this collection is for sale; $AUD95 – the dish, the bowl, the cat.

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60s ties

60s ties60s ties
made in Australia

I do like a wide, 60s tie. This is a curatored selection from the vast array of gorgeous 60s ties that I have collected.

We are talking [left to right] tartan seersucker, pastel paisley, checkerboard silk, orange paisley, checkerboard nylon. Back then, they knew that a tie had to dominate a shirt and suit, not be subordinate to it.

A tie can completely lift an outfit- for men and women alike. In fact, if more women wore ties- it is my firm belief- we could end gender discrimination completely. Because…like…women look fabulous in ties. Everyone does. And particularly 60s ties.

This set is for sale: $AUD45

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Retro drinking glasses

retro drinking glassesRetro drinking glasses
made in Australia, c. 1950s

These funky glasses come in their original box. The cartoon images illustrate the hilarity that is the game of lawn bowls; the kitsch cartoons are somewhat offset by the lustre glass and the gold rings to the base and rim.

I can’t find a manufacturer for these glasses, nor the ‘artist’ –but can verify that the cartoon images were made in Australia. Who else would find the comic potential of a chicken on the green, or taking a golf club to the bowl? And this was clearly before women were allowed into the bowling club – gotta be the 50s!

For the lawn bowler in your life, or the collector of retro drinking glasses.

For sale: $AUD65

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