Australian pottery history [sold]

McCredie potteryMcCredie pottery
made in Sydney, Australia 1930-1940

Following from my last post, here are some more archetypal works from the Architect-turned-potter Nell McCredie.

Five pieces that evidence McCredie’s idiosyncratic matt white outer-glaze, with a cool green shiny inner glaze. The pieces are: [from back to front] – a gondola vase [with attached frog, as you’d expect]; a posey floating vase; two smaller ‘tulip’ vases and a pin dish [read ‘ashtray’ by a more acceptable name.]

Some of the pieces evidence internal crazing due to age…these pieces were all hand-made eighty years ago. As with all her work, McCredie’s pottery is hand signed on the base: ‘McCredie N.S.W.‘

These five pieces of Australian history are for sale: $AUD245

60s doll dresses

60s doll dresses60s dolls dresses
made in Australia

If ONLY these dresses were human-sized. I would be wearing them, perhaps with my 60s apron [post below.] And you notice these are green-hued…again…I am so drawn to green. These clothes were made for a standard doll, circa 1960. For the best/retro dressed doll.

The dresses are hand-made, with a lovely attention to detail. Miniature press-studs are used for enclosures. Hems are hand-stitched.

The dresses would look fabulous on an actual doll – should you have one available- or as here- pegged on a wire. A beautiful way to adorn a child’s wall, or a conversation piece in the entry.

This set is for sale: $AUD45

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