Kangaroo lighter

Mulga wood napkin rings & kangaroo lighterMulga wood napkin rings and
Kangaroo lighter, made in Australia 1950s

Mulga wood was used in the 40s and 50s for souvenir works like these napkin rings and lighter as it is a hardwood –unusual in a native from the wattle family – and was considered ‘export quality’. The mulga wood has been cut and polished to show off its famous bi-colouring.

A transfer sticker on the base of the napkin rings, in the shape of Australia, proudly proclaims “Genuine Australian Mulga” in case one confuses it for fake Mulga, or worse still, a non-Australian Mulga.

I do love the kangaroo lighter- it is probably handmade, as it has a wonderful naive charm. The whole lighter comes out from the kangaroos back in order that fuel be added; the wick is intact and the lighter looks never to have been used. Keen-eyed readers will wonder- as I did- whether it is such a great idea making a lighter out such a traditionally flammable material.

There is a world of lighter collectors out there – if they collect napkin rings made in rustic-style timber – then this collection is for them. It is for sale: $AUD125

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