Old School Map [sold]

Old School map, Australia 1940sModern Teaching Map No 132
Chas H. Scally & Co. 4th Ed, c.1940s

Another lovely old map from a primary school in the Blue Mountains; this map shows Australia and Papua New Guinea as they were in the 1940s.

Being the 1940s- the main points of interest noted on the maps legend are navigational : airports, railways and highways- of which there appear to be four, and sea routes.

The map is in fair condition: the colours and finish of the map are good but there is a bit of water damage around Tasmania, and some insect damage near the dowel [also adjacent Tasmania.] These things can be repaired but I leave that up to the next owner- sometimes the wear and tear adds good vintage cred to a piece and restoration can do more harm than good.

I have a similar map – from the same school- of NSW, 1950s [see post below.] This map is in pristine condition and it’s for sale for $AUD175; because of the damage to this map I am asking only $150.

The Australian School Map is for sale: $AUD150