Studio glass paperweight

Controlled glass paperweightStudio glass paperweight
made in Australia, c. 1960s

This egg-shaped paperweight shows the 60s fascination with ‘controlled bubbles’ glass technique. Controlled bubbles turns up in objects as diverse as vases, ashtrays and objects de art. And paperweights.

Paperweights seem slightly redundant in these days of the ‘paperless’ office. But how lovely is this studio glass piece? Click on the image for a larger view and admire the colour and bubbles!

The paperweight is unsigned, which is not unusual in art pieces of the 60s, but I have it on good authority that it is Australian. Murano glass in Italy, and art glass makers in France, Britain and America were all producing controlled bubbled pieces in the 60s.

There are many paperweight collectors out there [check out] and museums dedicated to collecting and exhibiting paperweights. From the Paperweight Collectors Association I learnt that there are three periods of paperweight collecting:

The Classic Period [1840-1880] – mostly French made paperweights
The Folk Art Period [1880-1940] and
The Contemporary Period [1940 to present]

A very venerable history!

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