Retro 50s & 60s buckles

50s bucklesRetro buckles
made in Australia 1950s-1960s

This collection comprises 21 plastic dress buckles from the 50s and 60s. I collected the buckles from all over the shop [pardon the pun] will a view to making some use of them in my sewing. Alas I haven’t, and I shan’t. But I know people collect buckles and I know people who sew vintage who might like to make use of them.

The cross-stitched kookaburra is in the image as an organising piece. I originally bought this framed piece for a friend who collects all things kookaburra. That was when I discovered that A LOT of people collect all things kookaburra. My friend didn’t want the cross stitch and so I tucked it away in my ‘styling’ pieces for blog photos. Now I’m kinda fond of it.

21 retro buckles for sale: $AUD60

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