Arabia Ruska & Ruija, 1970sArabia Ruska casserole dish and
Arabia Ruija coffee mugs, made in Finland 1970s

Arabia is uber collectable right now. Here we have a large Arabia Ruska [= ‘autumn colours’] casserole dish and two Ruija [=’Finnmark’] coffee cups. Both in excellent 70s brown.

In the 70s every design studio was rebelling against the pastel/chrome/psychedelic colours of the 50s and 60s. The 70s was all about form, integrity, simplicity, and honesty. And brown. Brown featured a lot. Brown was both the colour of most base materials [think clay, timber, brick] and the basic tertiary colour that didn’t draw attention to itself. It was all about form – not colour.

Arabia Ruska is a collection of kitchenalia that celebrates autumnal colours- no two handpainted pieces are the exact same brown. Arabia Ruija however, is a little more sensible- a glossy glaze over the Finnmark plant images renders it dishwasher proof.

This Arabia 70s collection is for sale: $125

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