Cherry Christmas!

Christmas cherriesCovetro cherry bowl, made in Italy c.1960s
Lucite cherry paperweight, c.1960s
Christmas angel figurine, c.1960s

In Sydney, at Christmas time it’s all about the cherries. Cherry season is a relatively short period from November to early January and so cherries are always associated with Christmas. Maybe the red and green colouring also contributes to the association.

The 60s were also all about the cherry. Cherry icons and logos were everywhere. This collection references both the 60s and – for all Sydneysiders: Christmas.

All items are in excellent conditions, except the Christmas angel figurine who has been rubbed a little too vigorously and so lost a little red paint. Still, she’s over forty years old and is entitled to. She has a chick at her feet, which is another story altogether.

This set is for sale [get in early for Christmas!]: $AUD45

50s pixies

50s pixie planter & figurinesPixie log planter and figurines
made in Japan 1950s

Pixies are another perennial interest of mine: I so wanted one when I was small- only to be told by my mother that they were ‘common’ [by which she meant ‘kitsch’.] Who doesn’t aspire to what is denied them?- and – is it any wonder that I am now a total devotee of kitsch?

I love this pixie log planter [unmarked but researched to indicate made in Japan in the 50s.] I love the seated pixie [ditto] and the standing angel [ditto] – so kitsch but also completely adorable. All three figurines have some rubbing evident- they exhibit some lost of handpainted over-glaze- but I think that just adds to their charm.

This trio is for sale: $AUD85

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