TAA- the friendly way [sold]

TAA flight food containersTAA inflight food boxes
made in Australia 1960s

TAA – Trans Australian Airlines; who doesn’t remember ‘Up, Up and Away with TAA…..” was an Australian domestic airline operating between 1946 and 1996. These two melamine inflight food boxes were made exclusively for TAA- the baby blue colour being the branded colour for the airline. The boxes are in excellent condition which is good news for the airline paraphernalia collectors out there.

I have previously posted TAA inflight boxes- a pair of square boxes- these are the accompanying rectangular-shaped boxes. They are marked underneath: ‘TAA B6-1-7 74 Melmac’. The Nylex Melmac Corporation started production in the mid-60s in Melbourne and TAA was one of their biggest customers.

The boxes are for sale : $AUD25