Bakelite picnic plates

Bartone bakelite picnic platesBartone bakelite picnic plates
made in Australia, c.1940s

This picnic set is a delightful mottled green colour- you might remember me posting another Bartone set that is mottled orangey-brown. Bartone specialised in producing picnic ware, often with this mottley shading, and the pieces all have catalogued numbers and a map of Australia cast on the underside. The large plates are Cat No B164, the small plates B165.

This set of plates is in remarkable condition for its vintage, and would make for a great retro picnic. Team them with the anodised beakers below!

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70s vintage

70s vintageVintage styling – 70s style

A fantastic wrecker’s yard near me recently had a public sale: I bought the gauges shown here. They were salvaged from a vintage Rolls Royce Corniche, c.1971. Yes- 70s vintage.

The temperature and fuel gauges [and their mounting frame- suitably time worn] are shown here on the left- but the piece de resistance is the wonderful RR speedometer – showing 130 MPH – big and black with a white font – spectacular!

On my side table I have displayed the three gauges [I do love gauges- see older posts below] and a model Trabant car – from my recent trip to Berlin. Surely there is no more ironic paring than the Trabant and a Rollers! But that’s the way I roll- mixing contemporary and vintage, and old and new. Irony is there in the mix- and this is the nearest I’ll ever get to a Rollers.