Retro stationery

Vintage file box & inserts [1970s]Large file box & inserts
made in Australia 1970s

I love stationery. And I love retro: so retro stationery is a favourite! My drawing office is indeed – paperless- due to all the retro timber stationery folders and file boxes I have.

This large timber box file comes complete with original alphabetic dividers and file cards. The dividers are stout cardboard with riveted steel alphabet plates. Never been used. The file cards are pristine – circa 1970s – also never been used. And the timber box – also in great condition- has that fantastic diagonal opening so typical of the 70s.

SO tempted to keep this file box – and add it to the working collection in my office, but I can’t with any good conscience. I have ample. So this file box is for sale: $AUD55

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