iittala ‘Sointu’ glass vase

ittala Sointu vaseiittala ‘Sointu’ vase
made in Finland 1979

This is a heavy crystal glass vase, designed by Taipo Wirkkala for iittala. The vase is called ‘Sointu’ which means sound/tune/chord, and this idea has been depicted with harmonic lines in glass to the vase base.

The vase has never been used- still in its original box with its original iittala sticker. The vase is model # 2781, and it’s an original design by Wirkkala. This is Scandinavian art glass at its best!

The vase is having its first outing here- holding daffodils. Its winter in Sydney and daffodils are the flower du jour.

The vase is for sale: $AUD50

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