60s collectables

Kathie Winkle 'Michelle' dinner & side plates, 1968Kathie Winkle ‘Michelle’ plates
made in England, 1968

Continuing my love affair with Kathie Winkle – the lead designer at Broadhurst in the 60s- here is another of her designs: Michelle. Kathie Winkle designs are very collectible right now – and indeed are currently being re-released. Winkle designed over 140 patterns- all very groovy and typical of the 60s.

These plates have a handpainted underglaze [the green and orange colourings] which makes every plate unique – BUT are they are also detergent and dishwasher proof. So they’re beautiful and functional! Imagine a whole wall of funky 60s plates…if they were easily detachable you could store your entire dinner service that way!

Previously I have posted Kathie Winkle’s ‘Kontiki’ [1967] ‘Calypso’ [1963] ‘Corinth’ [1968] and ‘Newlyn’ [1963.]

Start your Kathie Winkle collection today!- these two dinner plates and side plates are for sale: $AU55

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Industrial cred #70s style

Peak Voltmeter [1971]Peak Voltmeter
made in Japan, 1971

A birthday gift, because my family know I love old instruments, bakelite knobs and original leather cases. Oh JOY! This Voltmeter has it all. It even has its original leads for – you know- voltage testing. I’ll be doing some fine voltage testing, let me tell you.

Old scientific instruments were not designed to be beautiful- just functional. But somehow the very precision with which they were made lends them a wonderful beauty. This piece adds serious industrial cred to my entrance hall. I notice that children when they visit are drawn to it – to play with the knobs [as I do myself. Seriously good fun.]

The Voltmeter is not for sale: I include it here to encourage the collection of these fabulous old instruments – now getting harder to find, they are becoming collectable due to rarity.

Arabia ‘Ruska’ [sold]

Arabia Ruska, 1970sArabia ‘Ruska’ crockery
made in Finland, 1970s

Arabia is uber collectable right now. Here we have a Arabia Ruska [Ruska = ‘autumn colours’] eight piece crockery set comprising large and side plates, and cup & saucers.

In the 70s every design studio was rebelling against the pastel/chrome/psychedelic colours of the 50s and 60s. The 70s was all about form, integrity, simplicity, and honesty. And brown. Brown featured a lot. Brown was both the colour of most base materials [think clay, timber, brick] and the basic tertiary colour that didn’t draw attention to itself. It was all about form – not colour.

Arabia Ruska is a collection of kitchenalia that celebrates autumnal colours- no two handpainted pieces are the exact same brown. It was made pre-dishwashers, so it has to be hand washed or the Arabia backstamp is liable to be erased.

Featured in an earlier post is a matching Arabia Ruska casserole dish: if you require this can also be purchased. The eight piece setting comprising thirty-two pieces is for sale: $AUD200

78ers- Ernie & Bert

Ernie & Bert squeaky toys, 1978Ernie & Bert squeaky toys
made in US 1978

Two squeaky toys from the 70s – both marked © Muppets Inc 1978. Ebay has a whole section devoted to Collectible Sesame Street items; and these toys go for a fabulous price.

While Sesame Street- the TV show- debuted in 1969, Jim Henson, and his wife Jane Henson started Muppets Inc in 1958. Muppets Inc is now owned and operated by their children- and Sesame Street character toys are still being made.

The two toys are in great condition for being thirty-eight years old. Ernie and Bert are seminal figures from most peoples’ childhoods- and this continues today.

Ernie and Bert are for sale: $AUD45

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