70s telephone intercom phones [sold]

Telefon children's intercom toy telphones, 1970sTelefon children’s telephone toy
made in Germany, c.1970s

How cute are these push button intercom phones! A friend of mine who received them as a birthday present in the 70s [his was garish blue and white] said that his mother would ‘call’ him in his bedroom to tell him his dinner was ready! How cute!

This set has never been used, and comes in its original box. They are made ‘for ages 3 and up’, have 10m [33ft] of wire to allow use in different rooms, and take two 9V batteries. This is the pre-wireless age, peoples!

A perfect [nostalgic] Christmas present for someone 3 and up!

For sale: $AU75

Smoking dog

Smoking dog tapestrySmoking dog tapestry
Commonwealth Bank money box, made in Australia 1970s

How hilarious is this framed tapestry? How often do you wish you could see a dog with a cane and a cigar? It’s ready for hanging – totally 70s – and hilarious.

The Commonwealth Bank had an elephant for its logo for a looong time- before today’s dull corporate ‘biscuit’ logo. This money box is from the 70s- evidenced by its jaunty up-swung trunk; before the 70s, the elephant was rather dour and had a hanging trunk. Money box collectors will know what I mean.

I like the two elements together- both relics of the 70s- and the red money box lends itself to the colours of the smoking dog tapestry.

The collection is for sale; $AUD55

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Christmas- 70s style

Christmas sign & nativity sceneChas Clarkson store Christmas sign, made in Sydney 1970s
Plastic nativity scene, made in Hong Kong 1970s

Chas Clarkson has been making retail signs in Sydney since 1900- after arriving from England where the company was established in 1893. The company is still producing retail signage today.

This retail sign is a 1970s reproduction from an old Chas Clarkson issue from the 40s- I like that that company is referencing its own back catalogue. The sign came from a shop and has suffered a little from its annual outing in the front window- you can see the wear marks on the right hand side of the sign.

The plastic nativity scene [complete with halos on everybody, ‘Gloria’ held by an angle on the stable roof and suspicious pine “christmas” trees] is very kitschy and very 70s.

For 70s aficionados and lovers of kitschy Christmas ornaments, this collection is for sale: $AUD45

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