60s platter [sold]

Coronet platterCoronet platter
made in Sydney, Australia 1960s

Coronet pottery was a small pottery that operated in Sydney, established in 1953. The last time I blogged about Coronet pottery, the grand-daughter of one of the original potters contacted me and we had a very nice chat about the pottery pieces produced by Coronet- and her own burgeoning collection. You might like to see the other Coronet pieces that sparked our conversation.

This is a large, biomorphic shaped platter in three pastel tones. So 60s! The platters were hand-made from slip cast moulds, so no two are the same. This platter is in perfect condition and ready for Jatz crackers, cubes of cheese and cocktail onions. The groovy cats of the 60s knew where it was at!

The platter is for sale: $AUD55