Swinging 60s!

Carlton Ware Haig Scotch Whiskey water jug and London sourvenir plate, 1960sCarlton Ware whiskey jug, made in England 1962
London souvenir plate, made in England 1960s

This scotch whiskey water jug is both practical and collectible. It’s an ‘advertisement’ jug; mass produced and given away to pubs –not sold to the public- with the idea that the public would be so impressed by the glamour of having water added to their drink by a ‘branded jug’ that they would continue to order their brandy/whisky by name. Ah! the 60s, when advertising and impressing people was so easy!

The jug- being made by Carlton Ware- has a beautiful integral handle [not quite seen in image] and fantastic 60s square-shaped styling. It is very modern in form – and in fantastic condition. Whiskey jugs are uber collectible and they make a fantastic addition to a retro bar [and can double as a vase at short notice.]

The London dish- having been made as a souvenir piece in the 60-  is plastic, hand-painted, and features that seminal 60s landmark – the GPO tower. Dwarfing those has-been landmarks Trafalgar Square, Tower Bridge, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace- the GPO is shown out loud and proud! That’s how landmarks were designed in the 60s!

The whiskey jug & London dish are for sale: $AUD65

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