Squatter [sold]

Day35_48 copySquatter
made by John Sands, Australia 1962

Squatter – the ‘sheep farming game’ was created by Robert C. Lloyd and launched at the Royal Melbourne Show in 1962. It was described at the time as an Australian version of Monopoly- but Monopoly was never as complex and ‘realistic’ as this game.

This is an original game from 1962- it’s never been used. It’s in excellent condition and ready for 2-6 players to while away 1-2 hours trading sheep and reliving Christmases past. Who doesn’t remember scouring the ‘Ready Reckoner’ to decide when and how many sheep to sell or buy? Oh the memories come flooding back.

Squatter is for sale- buy now for Christmas! $AUD45

Pickled Onion jar

Retro pickled onion jarPickled onion jar
made in Japan 1960s

You may have seen a SlyvaC crying onion jar- they were first made in the 50s. These jars and now very collectible [as is anything SlyvaC.] This is a Japanese knock-off, made in the 60s- albeit with a different crying onion face and inscribed ‘pickled onions’.

I bought the jar hoping my sister- who is a dab hand at making pickled onions – a MUST for Christmas, would obliging fill the jar with said pickled onions for me. Alas she refused. Not only will she be away and so unable to make any condiments- she also expressed her disdain for the jar. Am I the only one who thinks it’s hilarious?

And so- without any hope of having homemade pickled onions this Christmas- I offer the jar for sale. It would be a fantastic Christmas gift for anyone who actually can and will make pickled onions to go with the Christmas ham. It’s in good condition and for sale for $AUD35

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