60s platter

Westminster ‘Sierra’ platter
made in Australia, 1962

Despite both exotic names [Westminster, evoking England] and Sierra [evoking America] this platter with it’s gay 60s abstract flowers was made in Australia.

Westminster started making souvenirware under the name Stanley Rogers & Sons in Melbourne in 1954. They imported blank ceramic pieces from Japan which they then decorated locally. By the 60s the name was changed to Westminster Fine China – to suggest a longer and more illustrious history – and a much larger range of tea sets and dinner sets where produced.  These were decorated with bright, abstract flower arrangements [sometimes in very 60s and 70s gaudy colours.] On the whole, this platter in the ‘Sierra’ pattern is quite restrained.

The platter is in good vintage condition, and is for sale: $25

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Terra Ceramics ‘Patio’ [sold]

Terra Ceramics ‘Patio’
made in Australia, c.1965

Terra Ceramics was a pottery run by Bernhard Fiegel, a Dutch-trained potter who immigrated to Australia after the second world war. Like much of my Australian collection, the pottery was in Ashfield [and then Greenacre]- very close to my own locale in Sydney. His pottery produced art pieces, under both the names Terra Ceramics and Terama. The pieces were hand-worked in shape, and then handpainted.

Terra Ceramics was proudly Australian, but I think you can see in these ‘Patio’ pieces, and in another collection ‘Daisy’ featured on this blog, that Fiegel’s Dutch heritage is evident in the motifs. Very modernist, and together with the asymmetrical shapes – very funky and very 60s!

The pottery produced art pieces from the early 60s to the early 80s, so was in production for less than twenty years. This set comprises a teardrop plate, a wall pocket-vase and a pair of – funky-shaped plates. Like many pieces produced in Terra Ceramics in the early days, these have a simple ‘Patio’ backstamp.

All pieces are in excellent vintage condition, and are for sale: $AU75

Pates vase

Pates vase & book, 1960sPates vase, made in Australia 1960s
Let’s Find Out About Spring, published in USA 1963

Welcome to Spring! – for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere. Here in Sydney, instead of autumnal weather we are having an extended Summer. One can only dream of Spring weather!

This lovely Pates vase is of the 60s – towards the end of that art potteries output. It’s unmarked on the base, but I have it on good authority that it is Pates. By the 60s this inter-war pottery was refining vase shapes but continued to use the drip glaze method – in ‘Australian’ colours- developed in the 40s.

The delightful book Let’s Find Out About Spring has a wonderful cover illustration [complementary to the vase] and an accompanying vinyl LP in the back, also entitled ‘Let’s Find Out About Spring’.  It is amusing to me that some Australian parent has crossed out the word ‘Fall’ and inserted ‘Spring’ throughout the book, and inserted ‘…in America’.

The book was printed in Japan, and published by Franklin Watts, Inc in 1963. Written by Martha & Charles Shapp, it has illustrations by Laszlo Roth. The illustrations are unmarked; passing the censorship test of that Australian parent.

The vase is for sale: $AUD35 [and if you would like the book with LP, I’ll throw that in. The two look very good together.]

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60s platter [sold]

Coronet platterCoronet platter
made in Sydney, Australia 1960s

Coronet pottery was a small pottery that operated in Sydney, established in 1953. The last time I blogged about Coronet pottery, the grand-daughter of one of the original potters contacted me and we had a very nice chat about the pottery pieces produced by Coronet- and her own burgeoning collection. You might like to see the other Coronet pieces that sparked our conversation.

This is a large, biomorphic shaped platter in three pastel tones. So 60s! The platters were hand-made from slip cast moulds, so no two are the same. This platter is in perfect condition and ready for Jatz crackers, cubes of cheese and cocktail onions. The groovy cats of the 60s knew where it was at!

The platter is for sale: $AUD55

60s pottery

60s Australian pottery60s pottery
made in Australia

A little collection of lovely 60s pottery- but with no maker’s marks or other means of identification. All in great condition – and identified as being 60s pottery due to the styling, pastel colourings and – spots. Nothing says the 60s like spots!

This collection came from a lovely old lady’s home- she could recollect buying the pieces in the 60s but not from whom or where she bought them. She had had them on display but was selling them to make room for some nice new pieces- contemporary pieces- from the 80s. That’s how long ago it was- but even now I can remember my heart sinking thinking how horrible it was swapping the 60s for the 80s. Only twenty years difference- but yowza!- light years away in terms of design. The 80s was the era that design forgot.

Now my 60s collection is burgeoning to over-full and I must reluctantly part with some of it. Not to buy contemporary pieces, like the lovely old lady- but to display and enjoy the small part of the collection that I can fit in my tiny inner-city house.

This collection- five 60s pieces in good condition- is for sale: $AUD75

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