Retro drafting set

Retro drafting stencil setRetro drafting stencil set
made in Germany 1960-1980s

Ah, who doesn’t remember using stencils and stencil pens to draft? Each letter meticulously printed, waiting for the ink to dry before moving onto the next so as not to smudge…it could take half a day to ink a drawing notation.

I picked this set up when at an engineering firm that was moving office and clearing out all their old junk. I guess enough time has now passed for me to look back on stencils with nostalgia [rather than abject loathing.]

This set comprises Staedtler, Rotring and Uno stencils, and comes with a Uno stencil pen [in its original box, with instructions.] For drafting tragics, nostalgics and youngsters who have never had to actually use the things, this set is for sale: $AUD135

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Retro cushions [sold]

Upcycled cushionsUpcycled cushions
made from vintage Australian linen

My partner recently found a batch of vintage Australian tea towels, all linen and all unused. I love the graphic qualities of the images- and the strong colours – and decided to make square cushion covers from them.

The backs of the cushions are either upcycled linen or new linen, in plain colours to suit the images. I salvaged the upcycled linen from 50s and 60s tablecloths- and finished the openings with vintage bindings. It was nice to be able to use some of my vintage sewing stash…so it can be considered less a collection and more a necessity!

The cushions are sized to take a 400 x 400mm insert [15.7 x 15.7 inches.] They are fully washable and would make a great gift- especially if the calendar date or state featured has a particular association for someone. I have thirty cushions made- and they can be grouped in 2s or 4s- email me if you’d like to peruse the ‘collection’. The ones here are Australian flora & fauna.

The cushion covers are for sale: $AUD40 each