Crystal Craft! [sold]

Crystal Craft ‘Daisy’ trivet and coasters
made in Australia 1960s

Crystal Craft! I have watched in astonishment as Crystal Craft has become incredibly collectible. Think the wired daisies with faces that proliferated in the 70s, and those resin daisy coasters with broad smiles in bright colours.

This is a collection of Crystal Craft ‘Daisy’- resin trivet and matching coasters. If you, or anyone you know has a Crystal Craft addiction – then – call a help line, or buy them this collection.

This collection was made in Australia – it would make a great Christmas present. For sale: $AU65

60s studio art glass

60s Australian studio art glass60s studio art glass
made in Australia

Fabulous, funky, chunky, fluid glass shapes- this is studio art glass. Made all over the world when abstraction met the atomic age in the arts scene in the 60s, each country seems to have produced this sort of art glass.

Highly in fashion in the 60s, totally out of fashion by the mid 70s- studio art glass is now back in fashion and very collectible. My partner has taken to collecting Australian pieces in a range of colours and then displaying them in colour groups. I admit I was sceptical at first- but the pieces do look fantastic when they are massed together.

Trish is collecting in reds/oranges and blues/greens – here are a few of her favourite things.