Koala canisters

Kraft koala canistersKraft koala canisters
made in Australia 1980s

More glass kitchen canisters! These are made by Kraft, and are in the shape of koalas. Originally sold with Vegemite or Peanut Butter, the form of the koala is much more apparently when the glass is filled with any kitchen food stuff [lentils spring to mind- only because they seem so hipsterish- as two of the koalas – with the red lids- are knitting.]

These canisters were made in the 80s; they have plastic lids [which are still air-tight and good for storing stuff]; canisters made in the 60s and early 70s had metal lids which weren’t so practical for re-use. Like the canisters below, the lids came in all manner of colours to make it easy to tell the jars apart. And they came in two sizes: as here, where we have one smaller size and two of the larger size.

The set of three canisters are for sale: $AU75

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Art glass #60s style

Scandanavian art glass, 1960sScandinavian art glass
made in 1960s

Here’s another sample of Trish’s art glass collection: you may recall she collects in the colourway green & blue, in the decade 1960, from anywhere Scandinavian.

This art glass is really really REALLY collectible now and is becoming prohibitory expensive. I’m hoping this will curb Trish’s buying whilst freeing up mine…for kitschy Australian 50s ceramics. Until they are prohibitory expensive I am good to go!

The very definition of a good marriage: collect different stuff.

60s art glass

70s green glassware60s art glass
made in Australia

I don’t as a rule collect ashtrays- but my partner picked up this lovely, chunky green ashtray whilst trying to find a piece to retrofit an upcycled 60s side table- where the glass ashtray was missing. Alas- the ashtray didn’t quite fit –but- to quote her: “you don’t have to use it as an ashtray- it’s just a great dish”.

So- let’s repurpose this 60s ashtray as a chunky glass dish, and team it with some fabulous 60s wine glasses. All good! All green- and all 60s. Art glass from the 60s is becoming very collectible- even if in a former life it was an ashtray.

This 60s green glass collection is for sale: $AUD55

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