60s abstract tapestry

60s Abstract tapestryAbstract pixel art
made in Australia c1960s

Following my recent interest in retro ‘pixel art’ [aka tapestry] – here is a work by an unknown Australian designer and tapestriest. The piece is worked in Australian wool.

This is a wonderful abstract piece; with a somewhat naïve quality and an unintended optical illusion. It might well be a student work; I have photographed it with a tape measure so you can ascertain its dimensions.

In keeping with my friend’s idea of filling a whole wall with ‘pixel art’ – this would be a fantastic addition.

The abstract tapestry is ready for your framing, and is for sale: $AUD45

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60s condiment sets

60s Japanese condiment sets60s condiment sets
made in Japan

Another 60s collection -for the salt and pepper shaker collectors out there- and for those who like retro condiment sets.

The back three pieces belong to one set, and the front three pieces another. All feature the 60s fascination with abstract illustration- which has been hand painted and glazed. The salt and pepper designs are interesting in that they don’t indicate the condiment by the number of holes- rather they have a helpful painted ‘S’ and ‘P’.

I can understand the fascination with collection salt and pepper shakers- they are small to store, come in an infinite variety of designs- and are quite functional. These two sets come with a mustard jar and a cheese plate to round out there appeal.

The condiment sets are for sale: $AUD55

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