Martin Boyd ramekins

Martin Boyd ramekins & saucersMartin Boyd ramekins made in Australia 1957 I have posted a set of Boyd ramekins previously, so look away now if you’ve read this before! The Boyds are a famous Australian family of artists. Martin Boyd pottery started in Cremorne, Sydney in 1946- but Martin doesn’t exist, instead it was Guy [Martin] Boyd who was the chief ceramicist. The pottery was in operation from 1946-1964, with 1957-58 being the peak production period. All Martin Boyd pottery is made [and signed by hand] so there is a slight variation between any pieces in a set. The pottery is instantly recognisable from the edge band of clear glaze that always separates the two toned pieces. The colours are quintessentially 50s. This set of six ramekins have matching saucers – which can be mixed and matched to suit your mood. For sale: $AUD285 Buy Now