50s kitsch

Vinyl Clad rafia basketVinyl Clad raffia basket,
made in Australia 1950s

Not quite sure how to describe this fantastically kitsch offering from the 50s: it is impressed ‘Vinyl Clad Australia’ – but I can’t find anything about Vinyl Clad. Although- what a fantastic name! Apparently this is Registered Design No. 66233 [also inscribed on the base] – C1-4L-SR4TS B2. Lots of information – not so much recorded on the old internet.

The raffia and lovely plastic flower centrepiece have been hand-stitched to the basket. The arrangement, proportions, elements and colours are all thoughtful designed – in that wonderful, OTT kitschy-50s way. I love it. And I love the way my partner describes it as two ice cream containers stitched together [no evidence of this, either, by the way.]

The basket was given to me by a friend who knows how I embrace kitsch. And now I offer it to you, my dear kitschy reader; it’s for sale: $AUD35. If you love it too, I’ll throw in the mismatched anodised aluminium beakers.

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50s kitsch

50s kitsch vasesKitsch vases

These vases are ‘extreme’ kitsch. Nothing says ‘I am here to hold your flowers’ like a horse, flamingo or garishly coloured swallow. It’s entirely possible I am the only person in the world who likes them. Certainly their manufacturer was reticent to put their name to the vases…they are all unmarked.

The vases look even better when bright, garish flowers are added…the weird juxtaposition of a rearing horse holding flower stems in its front legs is hilarious. That’s why I like kitsch…it’s often –unwittingly- very funny.

For all your kitsch needs….For sale: $AUD75

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50s plastic kitsch

50s plastic kitschPlastic kitsch
made in Australia c.1950s

A lovely collection of kitschy plastics grouped around a ‘white’ theme. The swan is a little memento holder, the flowery salt and pepper shakers [the ‘leaves’ screw off to allow the insertion of said salt and pepper] speak for themselves, and the lovely woven basket was originally sold as a bread basket. The teaspoons are 50s picnicware and lend a little comparative colour to the image.

I often ponder my love of kitsch- I am aware that I have a great fascination for 50s swans. This is due -I think- to being refused a [probably horribly tasteless] swan of my own when I was young. All my friends had bedrooms swimming [terrible pun] with swans…it was the 60s and my mother thought they were terribly tacky. She was right. But I’m the one left with an enduring love for all things kitsch.

For sale: $AUD45

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