MCM Carlton Ware

Carlton Ware leaf dishes and salt & pepper shakersCarlton Ware ‘Contemporary Ware’ leaf dishes and salt and pepper shakers
made in England 1951-1961

Many people are familiar with the botanically-themed Carlton Ware ceramics [and having a background in horticulture I am quite ‘familiar’ with them myself.] Various daisy/foxglove/wild rose motifs were made in the 30s, 40s and continuing into the 50s, but in 1951 a modernist theme emerged. These leaf-shaped dishes and cubic salt and pepper shakers are an example of this and were dubbed ‘Contemporary Ware.’

The four monochrome dishes have a wonderful abstract leaf shape, and so appeal to me. I also like the austerity and the somewhat obtuse cube-shaped S & P shakers. These pieces are now quite hard to come by, and are all in perfect condition.

This set of contemporary ware leaf dishes and salt and pepper shakers are for sale: $AUD175

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