Terra Ceramics ‘Patio’ [sold]

Terra Ceramics ‘Patio’
made in Australia, c.1965

Terra Ceramics was a pottery run by Bernhard Fiegel, a Dutch-trained potter who immigrated to Australia after the second world war. Like much of my Australian collection, the pottery was in Ashfield [and then Greenacre]- very close to my own locale in Sydney. His pottery produced art pieces, under both the names Terra Ceramics and Terama. The pieces were hand-worked in shape, and then handpainted.

Terra Ceramics was proudly Australian, but I think you can see in these ‘Patio’ pieces, and in another collection ‘Daisy’ featured on this blog, that Fiegel’s Dutch heritage is evident in the motifs. Very modernist, and together with the asymmetrical shapes – very funky and very 60s!

The pottery produced art pieces from the early 60s to the early 80s, so was in production for less than twenty years. This set comprises a teardrop plate, a wall pocket-vase and a pair of – funky-shaped plates. Like many pieces produced in Terra Ceramics in the early days, these have a simple ‘Patio’ backstamp.

All pieces are in excellent vintage condition, and are for sale: $AU75

Retro ‘model town’ children’s puzzle

Simplex 'model town' children's puzzleSimplex ‘model town’ puzzle
made in Holland c1950s

This is a fantastic retro children’s puzzle. The pieces when removed stand up independently and can be used to make a ‘model town’ [albeit a Dutch, 1950s model town.] Simply wonderful. Would totally suit an urban/town planner with a nostalgic bent!

The dolls are another story. They are English, c1960s, and I had a stab of nostalgia when I found them. My sister and I had them when we were little – I had the long haired one and my sister had the 60s permed one. I distinctly remember the over-sized heads of these dolls.

Let me assure you ours were dressed when we had them; unfortunately these two have lost their 60s frocks.

The fantastic model town puzzle is for sale: $AUD45 [and if you like the dollies, I’ll send them to you too!]

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