Shadow Box [sold]

Shadow Box, 1940sShadow Box,
made in Australia 1940s

This fabulous Shadow Box was a staple in the interior furnishings of the 40s and 50s: it hangs on a wall to showcase knick-knacks and small ornaments. The timber has a great bevelled edge, and the two ‘boxes’ come apart to nest inside each other for transport/storage. The original flat pack!

Shadow Boxes were made in both square and circular shapes; and the square-shaped boxes were either two or three boxes, and the clever design means you can arrange the boxes so they are ascending or descending. And the depth of the boxes means that the tops can be used to display objects; so objects need not just be ‘framed’ within the boxes.

I’ve styled the Shadow Box with some dog figurines; but of course it would suit any small vintage collection.

The Shadow Box would make an excellent Christmas gift for a vintage collector, and it’s for sale: $AU40