40s leather case

Ford Sherington caseFord Sherington leather case
made in Sydney, Australia 1940s

This delightful small leather case, with its funky 40s rounded shaping was made by Ford Sherington – a well-known purveyor of luxury leather goods in Sydney which started production in 1912 and continued until the mid- 70s. Interestingly the Ford Sherington company was started by a woman in 1912 – Ada Sherington- and in the 30s Ford Sherington created the now famous Globite school case which millions of Australian children took to school.

This case is made of crocodile leather, has a working sewn leather hinge and has a silver clasp- which is intact. The front of the case is embossed in gold with the initials – “J.W.”- quite coincidentally I also have a silver cigarette case with the same embossed initials…I don’t know any J.W.s but if you do- I have two great retro gifts for them!

Internally, the leather case is in great condition and has the original makers label [which is why I know it’s a Ford Sherington.] The case has only had one owner, for who it was embossed- and it’s in excellent condition.

The case is for sale: $AUD120

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