Slide projector #9

Halinamat #300 slide projector [1962]Halinamat 300 slide projector
Empire Made [Hong Kong] 1962

It’s been a while, but here’s another slide projector. The count is now 9- I have nine slide projectors. I love the forms of these machines- the funky fonts on the front- and the fact that you can use them for slide nights. What’s not to love?

I also like that this Halinamat was made in the 60s- when ‘Empire Made’ referenced the British Empire and was code for Hong Kong. Along with its general funkiness, the projector has a bakelite side arm, on-off switch and electrical plug : it just gets better and better!

And the specs- this baby comes with an Anastigmat coated, f2.8/100mm lens, and is semi-automatic. Semi-automatic means you have to push the button on top to move to the next slide- full automation didn’t eventuate until the 70s.

I really, really, really don’t need nine slide projectors…this one is for sale: $AUD85

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Kodakslide file, 1950sKodaslide Compartment File
made in Australia, 1950s

Another fantastic Kodak metal 35mm slide holder.

It’s all metal- even the red slide-out slide holders are anodised red aluminium. Each of which holds 10 x 35mm slides. And that lovely Kodak frontspiece- all intact.

Totally collectable- and in excellent vintage condition.

This Kodaslide is for sale: AU$65

Marquis slide viewer

Marquis slide viewerMarquis slide viewer, made in Sydney, Australia c.1950
Kodak ‘Kodaslide’ slide file box, made in Australia c. 1950

How fantastic is that baby pink Marquis slide viewer? The pink section is plastic, whilst the black section is bakelite. This slide viewer comes in its original box and is in near mint condition.

The ‘Kodaslide’ file box takes 400 slides, and when closed it slides into a gold cardboard cover which is fashioned to look like a book. I love the deep red and vibrant yellow contrast – red and yellow being Kodak’s corporate colours. Like the slide viewer, it doesn’t look like the file box has ever been used.

I do have a few slide viewers in my collection…I love the way they work – large glass viewing lens, small bulb and battery, and slides from yesteryear can be viewed once more. And speaking of slides…do I have slides! A whole lot of 1950s slides [from someone’s travels in Prague] come with this set. Relive that holiday you never took [when you weren’t even alive] or remember the Prague of your parent’s youth. Looks like a fun place!

The slide viewer, slide file and box of 50s Ektachrome slides are for sale: $AUD125

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