Kathie Winkle ‘Tashkent’ plate

Kathie Winkle 'Tashkent' plate, 1975Kathie Winkle ‘Tashkent’ dinner plate
made by Broadhurst, England 1970-1980

Here is another plate by Kathie Winkle Design ‘Tashken’t [very collectible right now]- it is stoneware with a handpainted underglaze [the pattern] but is detergent and dishwasher proof. So far I have collected – and featured on this blog- three other designs by Kathie Winkle [of over one hundred produced] – Calypso, Kontiki and Newlyn.

Imagine a whole wall of Kathie Winkle patterns…if they were easily detachable you could store your entire dinner service in this way! Form AND function- the ultimate 60s ideal.

Kathie Winkle’s patterned plates have become so collectible that Kathie herself is re-releasing thirty of the most popular design [see her Facebook page.] For my money, though- it’s the original pieces that are the best to collect- they have typical 60s and 70s colourings and being painted by hand, they are all unique. The re-released patterns have a uniformity produced by modern methods and lack the individuality of the originals.

The Tashkent plate is for sale: $AUD15

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Mickey & Minnie & a Mousekeeter

Minnie and Mickey Mouse, c50s-60sMinnie Mouse hand puppet, made in Korea 1960s
Mickie Mouse squeaky toy, made in England 1950s

Minnie Mouse hand puppet, made by Walt Disney Productions, Ohio and Mickey Mouse squeaky toy, made by Combex in England [#1499.] Minnie’s head is moulded plastic, while her puppet body is printed cloth. Mickey, meanwhile, is all plastic, but his squeaker is somewhat defunct.

The two are greeted by a later ring-in- a Mousekeeter; a reproduction from the 90s made under license to Disney. I like the way they are all three gesturing salutations.  As you are eminently aware, ANYTHING Mickey Mouse related is now totally collectible.

Minnie and Mickey are in good vintage condition and are for sale: $AUD55 [and if you like the Mousekeeter, let me know.]

Retro eggcups [sold]

Duck eggcups
made in Japan 1920s, 1940s, 1950s

A selection of retro duck egg cups, all made in Japan but having different vintages. These egg cups were made for the export market and would have come in a set of four; they are photographed in youngest to oldest order: from left to right- 1950s, 1940s, 1920s.

The eggcups are all stamped ‘Japan’ and all have a different stylised duck; some may have had an easter egg added if they were imported at Easter time in Australia. Chickens, ducks, other farmyard fowl: all could be used as an Easter gift in those retro times!

The set are for sale: $AUD55

Railway memorabilia

RRR jug & bowl, 1930sRailway Refreshment Rooms jug & bowl,
‘Duraline’ Grindley Hotel Ware, made in England 1930s

This jug and bowl once gave service in the Railway Refreshment Rooms [RRR under the crown on the logo] in the New South Wales Government Railways [N.S.W.G.R. on same.] The NSWGR operated from 1855 to 1932, with the Refreshment Rooms starting in 1917.

Both pieces note that the Grindley Hotel Ware, produced in England, was distributed in Sydney by Gibson & Patterson P/L. The jug is inscribed “3-58” and the bowl is model number“5-50”. Both are in excellent condition – with clear and complete logo- and ready to be added to a railway memorabilia collectors’ collection.

This set is for sale: $AUD55

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