40s sewing caddy [sold]

1940s sewing caddy1940s sewing caddy
made in Australia

Readers! For you delectation and delight I present to you – a hand-made sewing caddy. As you can see in the images- the caddy is on casters and opens up to reveal a little cupboard [with bakelite handle]; cotton reel spool holders and various drawers for fabric and notions and such. What a beauty!

The real appeal of the caddy is the bow-fronted drawers, which are staggered to allow them to slot into one another when the caddy closes. A fantastic design. The timber cabinet has expressed mortice and tenon joints, attesting to its craftsmanship.

The casters are new- and quite spoil the rustic, hand-made appeal of the caddy- but they can easily be exchanged for some rough old industrial casters. The little cupboard door is a little wonky with age, but still closes and its hinges, etc are all original and working. I’m not sure of the timber, it’s an Australian fruit wood – but not sure which one. The caddy closes with a steel hinged latch, slightly rusted in suitable aged style.

The caddy could be used for all sorts of storage: when I first bought it I had visions of using it to style my collection; I have a ‘timber’ theme to all my images and I thought this would make a handsome backdrop. Alas, I haven’t used it thus- and now it is for sale.

For sale: $AUD175

70s coat hooks [sold]

Gedy coat hooks [1970s]gedy design coat hooks
made in Italy, 1970s

New in box – 70s coat hanger hooks, designed by Makio Hasuike for gedy design [cat. no: 2327.] The hooks come complete with steel baseplates and are ready to hang: each box contains a pair and there are four boxes: red, orange, white and brown; and also an extra orange and green hook- 10 hooks in all.

I bought these hooks from an old hardware store that was closing down- the boxes have been sitting in the storeroom since 1974 when they were purchased.

These hooks represent the best of 70s design: having a modular, streamline form, made from robust materials. The baseplate & fixings are concealed so the hook looks like it is cantilevered from the wall. The hooks have been designed to hang one way – to hang hats, or the opposite way to take two coats. They would look fantastic as a sequence along a contemporary white wall.

I don’t often pay homage to 70s design – but I think gedy got the design of these hooks right. The set of hooks is for sale: $AUD75

40s leather case

Ford Sherington caseFord Sherington leather case
made in Sydney, Australia 1940s

This delightful small leather case, with its funky 40s rounded shaping was made by Ford Sherington – a well-known purveyor of luxury leather goods in Sydney which started production in 1912 and continued until the mid- 70s. Interestingly the Ford Sherington company was started by a woman in 1912 – Ada Sherington- and in the 30s Ford Sherington created the now famous Globite school case which millions of Australian children took to school.

This case is made of crocodile leather, has a working sewn leather hinge and has a silver clasp- which is intact. The front of the case is embossed in gold with the initials – “J.W.”- quite coincidentally I also have a silver cigarette case with the same embossed initials…I don’t know any J.W.s but if you do- I have two great retro gifts for them!

Internally, the leather case is in great condition and has the original makers label [which is why I know it’s a Ford Sherington.] The case has only had one owner, for who it was embossed- and it’s in excellent condition.

The case is for sale: $AUD120

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50s Mini

Minolta Mini folding slide projectorMinolta ‘Mini’ folding slide projector
made in Japan, c.1950s

Another Mini projector! The first was a Hanimex, made in Australia, and now this Minolta from Japan- both made in same time period. The projector is tiny but with the push of a metal button it folds out to form a projector with a suitable focal length; what a marvel of 50s engineering

The Mini comes with its own funky white vinyl bag [black piping, metal zip, internal compartments for all the bits] a dual slide changer AND an ‘Autochanger’ and is excellent working condition. The Autochanger allows you to stack a number of 35mm slides on both sides so one needed hold up the slide-show too long.

The lens is 1:2.5, f=7.5mm, and it runs on 200-240 V, AC/DC. The current bulb is still working, and I have researched replacement bulbs: a $10 CDS 100 watt, 115-120 volt bulb will suffice. There’s a cute little bakelite on/off switch on the electrical cord.

The mini projector makes a beautiful vintage statement piece- and the funky vinyl bag is a bonus extra. [Display the projector, wear the bag!]

For sale: $AUD125

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Retro from former East Berlin

Retro from Berlin[Former] East Berlin retro

From a wonderful shop called WEBorange in Mitte I found a fantastic collection of East Berlin retro.

I present to you:

bakelite domino set, c1930s
UKU wrist watch, 17 rubis, c1940s
black cat brooch, c1950s

I intend to wear the watch and the bakelite domino set will be used when friend’s children drop by. The black cat pin is a nice memento of our Berlin trip.

60s ties

60s ties60s ties
made in Australia

I do like a wide, 60s tie. This is a curatored selection from the vast array of gorgeous 60s ties that I have collected.

We are talking [left to right] tartan seersucker, pastel paisley, checkerboard silk, orange paisley, checkerboard nylon. Back then, they knew that a tie had to dominate a shirt and suit, not be subordinate to it.

A tie can completely lift an outfit- for men and women alike. In fact, if more women wore ties- it is my firm belief- we could end gender discrimination completely. Because…like…women look fabulous in ties. Everyone does. And particularly 60s ties.

This set is for sale: $AUD45

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