Kitschy wall plaque [sold]

Kitschy 60s 3D wall plaque
made in Japan

I love kitschy ceramic wall plaques: this one depicts a 60s version of Holland [note windmills, dykes, narrow houses- all the usual iconography.] That this is depicted in three dimensions- makes it even more fabulous! And in a rustic timber [ceramic] frame: too good!

This plaque is in excellent vintage condition and ready to hang: and is for sale: $AU35



2 thoughts on “Kitschy wall plaque [sold]

  1. Hello 👋🏻 I bought one of these ages ago from you And since I have bought another (same but different) If you ever get any more could you think of me – the same style Hope you are well And my Nephew loved the salt and pepper bowls shakers too – he said it was the best present he got (of course) Kindest Regards Bindy

    Happy Happy Joy Joy

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