#50sstyle dress jewellery

This is a collection of 50s Australian dress jewellery:

  • two ‘souvenirware’ bracelets featuring Australian fauna and flora,
  • six tie pins.

The bracelets feature various flora and fauna on faux mother-of-pearl backgrounds, whilst the tie pins have real mother-of-pearl. Some of the tie pins are gold; others are ‘imitation’.

The bracelets were sold as souvenirware on a cruise ship in the 50s- when the ship pulled into a harbour city these were available as mementos – or gifts- for the folks back home.

The tie pins were a 50s staple for the elegant suited gent: not only did they hold a tie together- they signalled prestige: the size, the styling, the gold…think ‘Mad Men’ – then think the humble Australian equivalent!

The bracelets are for sale: $AU35, and the set of six tie pins: $AU125

Buy Now

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