Barometer [sold]

60s barometer,
made in Tasmania, Australia

This is a fabulous wall barometer- and temperature gauge- made from blackwood timber, in the shape of Tasmania.

The barometer was a wedding gift to a couple in the 60s – and has faithfully recorded the air pressure [barometer] and air temperature [thermometer] since then. I particularly like the fonts used for the barometer – it is very old school, where each condition has its own curlicue lettering: ‘stormy, rain, change, fair, very dry.’ That last one is -of course- referring to wit.

In excellent working order, and ready to hang, the barometer is for sale: $AU45

4 thoughts on “Barometer [sold]

    • karen,
      thanks. i was so interested in your decision not to restore the crocodile leather bag- ie: to put a new handle on it- but the internet cut out on me halfway through my comment. such is the internet in australia. i am so fascinated in the restore/not restore discussion -it affects almost everything i decide to buy. what are your thoughts [now the internet is allowing this comment?}

  1. Hi Retro my neighbours have a lovely old Hanimex projector, in original packaging, they wanted to throw it out but I told them it could be collectible,. How best could they sell it? thanks Dana

    • hi dana,
      if your neighbours [and i think they are australian neighbours by your spelling] have access to the internet:
      Australian Ebay
      the Bower
      or any number of collectible websites.

      tell them not to throw it out- you are right!

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