Pixies! [sold]

Pixie figurine, Japan, 1950sPixies figurine
made in Japan, 1950

I love pixies and bambies and all the 50s kitsch you can name: I put it down to being advised that they were ‘common’ and not suitable for my edification as a child. Now I can’t get enough of them!

I have mused on the causes of nostalgia before on this blog: and whenever I canvas other collectors as to their nostalgic leanings I have found that one of the main drivers was coveting something as a child but only being able to have it as an adult. Reasons for this range from my parents’ [kitsch was ‘common’] to cost [barbies weren’t common, but boy were they expensive] to the perceived educational value [pixies didn’t embody any educational opportunities.]

So I collect bambies and pixies and swans and tacky 50s prints…anything that was common in the 50s – and here I am using ‘common’ to mean everyday.

These delightful pixies sitting on a rococo chair are for sale: $AU15

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