Green spotty pottery [sold]

Green spotty pottery, 1950sGreen and white spots
made in Australia c 1950s

This is the third installment of my friend Maisie’s Australian spotty pottery collection- first was black & white spotty, then blue and white spotty- and now – green & white spotty. Maisie sure loved the spots!

This collection is a funky 50s shaped bowl with matching jug and spoon. The spots are raised areas of glaze rather than merely an applied shape in the glaze.

Like the previous spotted pottery- these pieces are unmarked. This isn’t unusual for 50s Australian pottery- and while literally thousands of spotty pieces were made it is increasingly difficult to find these pieces. The pieces are all in good condition with only minor crazing to the exterior. I have had great success reducing crazing on ceramic pieces by sitting them in a bleach solution overnight – very effective when the background is white or a light colour like these pieces.

This collection is for sale: $AUD65

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