Blue spotty pottery [sold]

50s blue spotted potteryBlue spotty ware
made in Australia 1950s

Today’s collection comes from a friend- who has been collecting 50s spotted ceramics since she was a design student in the 70s. No-one was collecting spotty things then- and she cleaned up! Now of course every one recognises 50s things as soon as a spot is sighted.

The shakers are in the classic ‘acorn’ shaping – and like the bowl, the spots are raised areas of glaze rather than merely an applied shape in the glaze.

Like the black and white spotted pottery- also collected by Maisy, and featured below -these pieces are unmarked. This isn’t unusual for 50s Australian pottery- and while literally thousands of spotty pieces were made it is increasingly difficult to find these pieces. The pieces are all in good condition without chips or cracks or crazing- which makes them even rarer.

Each piece is in great condition without cracks or chips [click on the image for a zoom image]- and are for sale: $AUD45

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