Electronic printing calculators #70sstyle [sold]

Adler & Casio electronic printing calculators
made in Japan c.1970s

How cool are these printing calculators? And fun to use. I could play with those big chunky keys all day- and don’t get me started on the sound of the printing!

For the more serious minded collectors out there- the Adler is your 121PD model, type CP 46[3], 220/240 V, and the Casio is your GR-2250, AC 220V, 50/60Hz. Did I mention they are totally fun to play with calculate with?

Ink and paper rolls are still available, so you could have these beauties on your desk and tote up your tax accounts with style. Or- a la Mad Men- add up the cost of the booze for the christmas party! Hey!- they go up to 12 digits!

The two machines are in excellent working order and are for sale: $AU145 [come with new paper rolls]

4 thoughts on “Electronic printing calculators #70sstyle [sold]

  1. Oh yes, remember I had a job , using these type of machines, but mine was a Cannon, fast and smooth to operate, but, hell to read the panel, when the sun shone thru the office window.

  2. Aww these bring back memories from a very long time ago. When I was 18 I worked for a company who manufactured the large crane things on wheels that move shipping containers around the docks. They sold parts for them all over the world. I used a calculator like the one on the right to add up all the invoices we sent out for parts. It was the best job and the best bunch of people I have ever worked with – happy days 😀

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