1925 children’s reader

Tommy's Ride on the Emu, 19251925 children’s reader
published in Melbourne, Australia

Tommy’s Ride on the Emu, written by J.A. Fletcher, is for children 8-9 years old. It’s number 311 in the Whitcombe’s Story Book series.

It is illustrated by ‘Prae’, which shorthand for Hans G. Praetorius. I haven’t read the story- I bought the book for that fantastic cover illustration. In the twenties, Australian’s were just starting to embrace nationalism – and this book cover exemplifies the new found confidence in our own flora and fauna – albeit with the startling idea that Tommy RODE an emu!

I have quite a collection of children’s readers- mostly due to pure nostalgia- these are the ones printed in the 50s through 70s that I read as a child. So when I came across this tome, written in 1925 – I had to collect it too. The book is in good vintage condition, and is still marked with the 1 shilling [1/-] price on the front!

It’s now for sale: $AU25

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