Lustreware jug

Lustreware duck jugLustreware duck jug
made in Japan 1950s

I think this duck jug comes from part of a children’s tea set; but I could be wrong. It is quite large for a tea set- the size of an ordinary jug; but the styling and whimsy of the duck reminds me of a children’s play set.

The jug has the ‘lustreware’ glazing so typical of the 40s – the shiny, gold glaze that makes up the duck’s body- and gives it a ‘kitschiness’ to the modern eye. I am a big fan of lustreware – and kitsch, for that matter – so I love this jug.

I haven’t been able to find a maker for the jug; it’s just marked ‘Japan’ on the base. It is in good vintage condition and is for sale: $AU35. Buy now for Christmas!

Buy Now

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