Children’s Readers

Children's Readers, 1950-60sVintage children’s readers
published in Australia 1956-1961

Who remembers reading It’s Fun to Read at school? Or the imaginatively titled Stories to Read? How about At the Farm? Practically everyone I know remembers Fay and Don. Those strangely dressed children [why was poor Don in lederhosen?] with stilted speech patterns:

It is hot in the sun.
Fay and Don site by the gum tree.
“Do you see a nest Don” said Fay.
Yes,” said Don.
“I see a baby bird in the nest.”

Vintage children’s books are now very collectible- I think it’s due to nostalgia for printed media now that e-books are popular. And the fact that these stilted storied are buried deep in our subconscious. And the fact that they were ‘Printed by Authority of the MINISTER for EDUCATION”, for the DEPARMENT OF EDUCATION, NEW SOUTH WALES.

This set comprises 6 books:
A Book To Read, illustrations by Katherine Morris [1956] – green & blue cover
Stories to Read, illustrations by Katherine Morris [1957]
At the Farm, illustrations by Katherine Morris [1961]
It’s Fun to Read, featuring May & Jim, and
Fay and Don, [1954]

All the books’ covers show some wear and tear, but the interiors are in good condition. For sale: $AUD60

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