Jugs [sold]

40s jugs: Bakewells & Fowler Ware2 jugs
made in Sydney, Australia 1940s

Here we have two jugs: the first – a green stripey jug made by Bakewells, and the second a pale yellow Fowler Ware jug- both made in local factories from whence I hail. Now no longer with us, I still like to collect from the potteries that were once in the inner-west of Sydney.

Fowler Ware created industrial pottery in Glebe, Sydney commencing in the 1840s. After WWII, Fowler Ware moved to producing pottery for the domestic market : their graduated pudding bowls and jugs were so popular that they opened a second pottery to cope with the demand. Fowler Ware is now much sought after. This is a 2 pint jug – as attested by the incised backstamp.

Bakewells operated out of Erskineville- very close to where we now live. Bakewells started production in 1884 and like so many potteries, moved from making bricks and pipes to domestic wares in the early part of the twentieth century. By the 1920s, Bakewells was manufacturing vases [‘exclusive ware’] and domestic ware [pudding bowls and jugs] in a range of sizes and colours. This jug with its banded decoration calls to mind Cornish Ware;  a deliberate evocation

The two jugs are for sale: $AU90

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