McCredie [again]

McCredie 'frog' log vase & posy vaseMcCredie vase & dish
made in Sydney Australia 1940s

OK- last selection of my McCredie collection…this image was taken a while ago and in the meantime I seem to have collected another ‘frogged’ log vase like this one…so now I have a pair.

The smaller, open vase to the front is what’s called a posy vase- a small amount of water was used and a number of large flowers- very shorted stemmed- floated in the posy vase. This form of vase doesn’t seem to exist anymore – but I like the idea of floating flowers.

The ‘frogged’ vase has an internal ‘frog’ – that is a flower arranging element integral to the interior of the vase. It has allowed me to try my hand at ikebana – not sure how successful it is – but it is so helpful having a structural element in the vase- it is the same gorgeous green as the rest of the vase interior.

So: I have a pair of McCredie frogged log vases and a posy vase for sale: $AUD55

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